#FoottBall #Maze 10 Levels and 5 Football Team - This is a game of skill and patience. The difficulty gets tougher as you go along.

** How to play** To control the ball: # 4 buttons are available for Forward Back Right Left. # Avoid electric fields (only 2/3 lives) and holes. # collect all doubloons.   Your ball must collect all the Doubloons in order to improve and change #skin

Maze - Game Without Wifi is an addicting and classic maze game. Enjoy this brain exercise with over 10 free mazes, the highest amount of maze you will find in any logic maze game, worth hundreds of hours to keep your brain fit!

You may have played many maze games, but free games without wifi promise to give you a new experience with attractive graphics, lively sound, and a clever maze layout. After a hard day's work, playing this game is an effective way to relieve stress.

It is very easy to play, right?

Get ready to challenge your brain with maze.

** ** Characteristic # Designed for tablets and phones. # 3D graphics. #Easy mazes for kids and hard mazes for adults. #There are 10 levels.

**Tips** # Try to get through the maze for as little time as possible.

Maze - This game is for everyone from kids to adults. Let it download and enjoy this game!



FootbalMazeDEMo.apk 46 MB

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